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This is a tribute page to an old friend from my days on Dal.net... I revamped the channel page for Mike after he died and unfortunately... the channel also went South after his death but his memory lives on... Mike, this is for YOU !

To those of you who were not aware, OleSparks died 10-31-98 .On IRC, we use aliases or nicknames. Sparks had a real name...Mike Hayes. Like all people,Mike had his bad days and problems, but you would never know it by talking to him because Mike always liked to have a good time, no matter what was going on about him. This page is dedicated to all that knew him as a celebration of the man, not for mourning. That's how Mike would have wanted it.

Mike had a very good sense of humor and was quick to share his wit with anyone who he came in contact with. I first came into contact with Mike almost four years ago on Dalnet's IRCAddicts. He then formed a channel called O'Fallons_Pub and I was a regular there. He was a good source for many pop ups I made on IRC, not just the ones I made about him but a few others too.


I'd like to share a few of them with you and hope it brings a smile to your face as it did when I made them.

Welcome to #O'Fallons_Pub. If ya have any problems, talk to da Bosses , BlueLady1 and OleSparks.... I'm just hanging to see what goofy stuff they do next. By The Way, Sparks knows KUNG FU and 18 other Chinese women.

Hiyas , nice to see you... Don't try to give olesparks a wedgie because he wears t-backs and it would be like flossin his hemorrhoids !!!

I am sure that I made countless references and innuendos about sparks but this one phrase really spoke volumes about how he felt about people coming to O'Fallons_Pub.... What is #O'Fallons_Pub ??? #O'Fallons_Pub is a group of people that banded together to become close friends. We believe that in a more perfect world, people would be open and honest with each other. We try to be that world, won't you join us here ?

We love you, Mike !!!


Olesparks1 is from Missouri USA where the girls all get prettier at closing time ! Likes include thongs and wears them too, free falling out of lawn chairs and Human Sundaes . Dislikes include being more than twenty paces from toilet, falling asleep at the keyboard and NickServ and ChanServ because of crap like this ---> *** olesparks1 has quit IRC (Killed (services.dal.net (NickServ Enforcement)

*** olesparks has quit IRC (Operation timed out, Saint Pete..... before we go any further, I gotta use the bathroom ;)

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