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Being channel operater in #IRCAddicts, we have a lot of people ask questions. These are what we see a lot. We hope it answers a few of yours.

Q: What are bots ?

A bot is a program used to simulate a user while on IRC. A bot connects just like a user would; however, bots are not real people. The owner of a bot programs it to perform certain functions, like relay messages between channels, relay messages between different IRC networks, or help secure the channel from takeovers.

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Q:What are Channel Operaters ? How are they chosen ?

Ops or channel operaters are those people with a @ beside their names. The main two main duties of an op is to help people and keep order in the channel. They also have the ability to kick people who disobey the rules out of the channel.

On most channels, new Ops (or Operators) are chosen by the present Ops based on the user's character, presence, morals, participation on the channel and loads of other things.... The selection is then presented to the channel founders. Sometimes an Sop will appoint an Op but the final decision is ALWAYS the founder's.

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Q:What is a + ?

A + is called a voice. If the channel were ever set to be moderated , only channel ops and voices could speak. Since some channels would never moderate, they consider the + as a token of friendship to the channel.

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Q: How do I put someone on ignore ?

If someone is pestering, abusing, molesting or being a pain in the butt and you want it to stop , type ---) /ignore nick 3 (---- , that will let you safely and with confidence get them out of your hair.

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Q:What are netsplits?

A "netsplit" often can occur if a server is too overloaded to handle connections as happens on bigger nets, or if an IRC operator willfully disrupts the connection between two servers to achieve better routing .Changing your server during a netsplit is a Bad Idea, because you are likely to have your nickname collided.

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  • To join a new channel type--) /join #channelname
  • To find out what channels are available type -----) /list
  • To register your own channel type --------) /msg ChanServ register password description

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    Nickserv Stuff

    Q:Why do I see people with a nick of 'Guest' ?

    It seems that you have tried to use a nickname that is registered to someone else. Most people would like to call you by a nick instead, because its easier. Now, what you need to do is use your imagination and then pick a new name. Now type --) /nick {newnick} (--- leave out the brackets and type in the nick you chose instead of newnick.

    Q:How do I change my nick?

    To change your nick... do this... type------) /nick newnick (---- an example is --) /nick lucky

    Q:How do I get rid of a ghost ?

    If you have a ghost or think some1 is using your nick, do this 1st,type --) /whois nick (-- if its you type ---) /msg nickserv ghost nick password (---

    Q:How do I send a private message ?

    To send a private message to someone type ----) /msg nickname messagehere (---

    Q:How do I recover my nick?

    To recover your nick if someone is using it type ------) /msg nickserv recover nick password (--- You can only recover the nick if its registered to you !!!!!!!

    Q:How do I register my nick?

    To register your nick type --) /msg nickserv register password (---- Don't forget to write your password down so you do not forget it. An example how to register is this --> /msg nickserv register lucky

    Q:How do I stop someone from using my nick when I am gone ?

    If you suspect someone is using your nick and causing trouble while you are gone type this ----))) /msg nickserv set kill (((------remember your nick must be registered.

    Q:How do I find a friend and where he is ?

    Perhaps, you can go to the store and buy one or try this lil ditty. To find out what channel a person is on type--) /whois nick

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    Q:What is a ping ?

    A "ping" is the time it takes for you to see messages typed by others & vice versa. Generally anything over 20 seconds is lagging. Try another server, not the same server you are on now.

    Q:How do I "ping" someone ?

    To Ping someone tpye ----) /ping nickname (---- of person who asks to be pinged.

    Q:What is a Ping!Pong ?

    PING PONG is a way to measure time delay (lag) between the server and you. The less active you are in a channel, the more PING PONG you will see because the server thinks you are disconnected.

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    The color codes are as follows: 1=black 2=2blue 3=green 4=red, 5=brown 6=purple 7=orange 8=yellow 9=lite green 10=dark cyan 11=lite cyan 12=lite blue 13=3lite magenta 14=gray 15=light gray 16,1=white on black

    To use the colors , hit CONTROL & K at the same time then a number between 1 & 15 then type in your message.

    Control-b is bold.

    Control-r reverses background

    Control-u is underlined

    To do background colors type ---) Control-k1then two numbers separated by a comma.

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    To hear sounds do this =) Go up to the general options, (4th icon upper left) click on it. Then click on all the boxes except the last one, then click on "OK". To hear a sound you must have it in your sound file.

    To get sounds type ==) !sender'snick wavename.wav. Example --) !Harry_Callahan uh-huh.wav

    To hear a wav you gotta do this type -----) /sound wavename.wav (---- If you have questions ask an operater, one will help you.

    To send a wav to someone, do this ---) 1) Left click on the nick you want to send the wav to. 2) Go to DCC SEND (12th icon from the left) and open it. 3) Scroll down to the file you want to send and click on it. 4) Click on SEND. Thats all you do.

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    Abbreviations used on IRC

    Abbreviations we use in mIRC: LOL-- laughing out loud , ROFL-- Rolling on floor laughin , ROFLMOA-- rolling on floor laughing my a** off, BBL-- be back later, BRB-- be right back, BBIAF--be back in a few, BBS--be back soon , BTW -- by the way , R-L --real life , WB --welcome back , J/K -- just kidding , NP -- no problem ,AFK--away from keyboard

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    Q:How do I play Pop ups ?

    To play a pop up Right click on the person's nick you want to send the pop up to, then choose the category of pop up you want to send (Example hello or goodbye) .Then left click to play it.

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    Q:How do I find a text that was sent to me ?

    To find a text file, look above the title bar for the word "HELP" . Left click on it and search for your file name and left click on it to open the text file.

    Sometimes that will not work. Thats when you need to use your file finder. To find a file, left click on "START" which is at the lower left hand portion of the tool bar. Then left click on "FIND", now slide your mouse over to "Files or Folders" and left click on it. Then type in the name of the file you are looking for and left click on "Find now". The file you are looking for should be in the window at the bottom. Left click on the icon of the file to open it.

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    Q:How do I cut and paste a text ?

    To cut and paste drag mouse over the text while holding the left mouse button. Ok let off of the left button now, you have successfuly cut the text.Now hit hit cntrl c to copy it. Then hit cntrl v to paste to the place you want to put the text.

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