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Here at Amical.net's IRCAddicts Channel Web Page and Chat Emporium Page. we would like to introduce you to our Channel Operaters.

The Founder
Harry --- is a Pennsylvania Dutch Pickle farmer and amatuer brain surgeon

The Super Operaters
cornflake --- is from Ohio because it's easy to spell. He is lactose-intolerant.... meaning he melts in milk !
Groogle is in New Mexico... where the O-fficial language is still ENGLISH !
Mikey --- is from Southern California, the land of fruits and vegetables. That's just the people !
Shannon-Moira --- Shanny-Mo is from Upstate New York, where the men are men and the sheep run scared

The Channel Auto Operaters
Atom75 and his lovely bride, ljwr --- are from West 'By God' Virginia, where the only flat spot is on top of Atom's head
Beenie --- comes from Michigan where the main Winter sport is firewood splitting
Gizmo is a figment of your imaginantion ! A very interesting dude

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